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Pick Your Own Fruit

Sweet and Sour Cherries

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 Late June - July

We have dark red and white sweet cherries, and sour cherries.

By the middle of June, the first fruit harvest begins. Over nine acres of cherries provide plenty for everyone! A wagon ride takes you from the parking lot up the hill to the cherries. 

  We grow two different types of sweet cherries. Our dark "Bing" type cherries-Black Pearl, Attica, Ulster, Regina, Sweet Heart, and Heidelfingen are large, dark purple & very sweet. The light or “white” cherries-Rainier are large with golden yellow skin with a blush of red.  Inside the flesh is yellow.

We also grow sour or tart cherries.  Our popular varieties are the bright red Montmorency and two dark red Hungarian varieties call Balaton and Danube. Sour cherries are enjoyed eaten "out of hand" or used in desserts and jams.

Apricots, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines

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July - August

Apricots, plums, yellow and white peaches, nectarines, donut peaches.

Soon after cherry season, apricots &, plums ripen. Usually, the first two weekends in July we are open to pick apricots and early plums.  Later plums & early yellow peaches ripen by mid-July.  Gradually donut peaches, yellow & white peaches & nectarines are available from about the last weekend in July into  August.

Hot summer days yield a wonderful crop of sweet and juicy fruits. They taste great and are so juicy that they drip down your chin! That’s the way peaches and nectarines are supposed to be.

We grow several varieties of white and yellow peaches.  Donut peaches are ripe in early and mid- August.  Our white donut peaches, Saturn, are very sweet and loved by everyone. The "mango" and "limey" donut peaches are a taste of the tropics during the hot days of summer. 

Yellow & white peaches & yellow nectarines finish the season through the last weekend in August.

Peaches and nectarines grow in abundance at Prospect Hill Orchards. We have nearly 12 acres of peaches and nectarines, so there is enough for everyone – guaranteed! 

 Yellow varieties include Redhaven, Newhaven, Salem, Canadian Harmony and Flaming Fury.

White Peach varieties are White Lady, Sugar Giant and Blushingstar.

We have 3 varieties of nectarines including Easternglo, Summer Beauty, and Fantasia.

Apples, Pears and Pumpkins

apples, fresh, pick your own

September - October

Late peaches (September), apples, Bosc and Asian pears, winter squash, pumpkins, and gourds.

As warm summer days give way to cool fall days and crisp nights, apples begin to ripen into sweet, juicy fruits with colors ranging from red, green and yellow! They taste so great picked fresh from the trees! The apple orchard at Prospect Hill is nearly 15 acres of fruit with a picnic area located by our pond. It is a scenic and quiet setting. Modern growing techniques in the orchard use dwarf trees with the newest varieties of apples available. Dwarf trees mean that even the youngest children can pick their own apples because the trees are small. We grow more than a dozen varieties of apples including Macoun, Mutsu, Gala, Fuji, Empire, Honeycrisp, Snap Dragon, Cortland, McIntosh, Ida Red, Rome, Red and Golden Delicious, Braeburn and Granny Smith. Many people enjoy picking our Bosc pears, too. We have recently added Asian pears to our orchard. This very popular fruit usually ripens about the end of September. A visit to the pumpkin patch will challenge you to find the “perfect” pumpkin for your Halloween decoration!

Families have a great time at Prospect Hill Orchards. There are so many things to see and do. The whole family can enjoy a tractor pulled hayride that takes you around the entire orchard, stopping by the pumpkin patches and picnic area. During our festival weekends, get lost in the corn maze, try pressing cider at the old fashioned hand press and enjoy a tasty drink for your labors. Have you ever seen a pumpkin totem pole? Well, we have one! 

Come enjoy cool fall days, bright yellow and orange fall colors, and a slow paced day outdoors.