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Fall Harvest – Late peaches(September), apples, Bosc and Asian pears, winter squash, pumpkins, gourds

Hudson Valley Apple Picking

As warm summer days give way to cool fall days and crisp nights, apples begin to ripen into sweet, juicy fruits with colors ranging from red, green and yellow! They taste so great picked fresh from the trees! The apple orchard at Prospect Hill is nearly 15 acres of fruit with a picnic area located by a pond. It is a scenic and quiet setting.
Modern growing techniques in the orchard use dwarfed trees with the newest varieties of apples available. Dwarf trees mean that even the youngest children can pick their own apples because the trees are small. We grow more than a dozen varieties of apples including Macoun, Mutsu (aka Crispin), Fuji, Cortland, Idared, McIntosh, Gala, Rome, Empire, Red and Golden Delicious, Braeburn and Granny Smith. Many people enjoy picking our Bosc pears, too.We have recently added Asian pears to our orchard. This very popular fruit usually ripens about the end of September. A visit to the pumpkin patch will challenge you to find the “perfect” pumpkin for your Halloween decoration!

Families have a great time at Prospect Hill Orchards. There are so many things to see and do. The whole family can enjoy a tractor pulled hayride that takes you around the entire orchard, stopping by the pumpkin patches and picnic area. During our festival weekends, get involved in pressing cider at the old fashioned hand press and enjoy a tasty drink for your labors. Have you ever seen a pumpkin totem pole? Well, we have one! Come enjoy cool fall days, bright yellow and orange fall colors, and a slow paced day outdoors.


Come visit Prospect Hill Orchards!
Our Apple Orchard is located at 73 Clarks Lane, Milton, NY 12547- Get directions


An old-fashioned sweet apple with a smooth, crisp texture and a real depth of flavor. Perfect for snacks and salads.
Tastes:Sweet and tangy flavor, Aromatic and juicy, Super crisp texture with yellow flesh
Special Hint:This ultra-crisp apple will appeal to teens, a great way to encourage healthy snacking.

Granny Smith

This apple has hard, light green skin and a crisp, juicy flesh.


Want a perfect no-fat dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Macoun may just be your apple, but, hurry, these special apples are only available in the fall. Macoun was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1923. It's named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder.
Tastes: Extra sweet and aromatic; Very Juicy; Tender, snow white flesh
Special Hint: Try serving slices with cheese for a sophisticated dessert in the autumn
Excellent for eating Good for sauce and salads


Imagine a fragrant fresh fruit cup with beautiful snow white apples. You can bet it was made with Cortland, the very best salad apple. This great all purpose apple was developed in Geneva, NY in 1915.
Tastes:Sweet with a hint of tartness. Juicy tender snow white flesh.
Special Hint:Wonderful for kabobs, fruit plates and garnishes because they don't turn brown quickly when cut.
Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking Good for freezing


With the popular Red Delicious and McIntosh for parents, Empire apples were destined to be a hit. It's a sweet-tart combination that's great for everything. Developed in Geneva in 1966.
Tastes: A wonderful blend of sweet and tart. Very crisp, creamy white flesh.
Special Hint:Small Empires are great for school lunches. Kids love Empire's sweet tart taste and super crunchy texture.
Excellent for eating and salads Good for sauce, baking, pies, and freezing


Wow! What a great snacking apple! Fuji apples have it all - super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. This Japanese apple has American parents, Red Delicious and Ralls Janet, an antique apple that goes back to Thomas Jefferson in 1793. We are glad this popular Japanese apple is grown in New York State!
Tastes:Very sweet, very juicy, very crisp; Cream colored flesh.
Special Hint:Fuji apple sauce needs little or no sugar.
Excellent for eating and salads. Good for sauce.

Golden Delicious

Some people think that Golden Delicious is simply the yellow cousin of the popular Red Delicious apple. But, in fact, they are related in name only. This honey sweet apple is a special treat all on its own.
Tastes: Mild sweet flavor, juicy, crisp, light yellow flesh
Special Hint:You can cut down the sugar in pies and sauces made from Golden Delicious apples.
Excellent for eating, salads, and sauce Good for pies, baking and freezing


Savor the old-fashioned goodness of baked apples, especially Idareds, which hold their shape perfectly and look beautiful on the table. Developed in Idaho, it's cross between two old time NY apples, Jonathan and Wagener, first raised in Penn Yan in 1791.
Tastes: Sweetly tart, firm pale yellow-green flesh, sometimes tinted rosy pink.
Special Hint:Idareds make a beautiful pink applesauce. Cook the apples with the skins on and strain the sauce to get best pink color.
Tastes Sweetly tart, firm pale yellow-green flesh, sometimes tinted rosy pink.
Excellent for sauce, cooking, baking, and pies Good for eating, salads, and freezing
Special Hint Idareds make a beautiful pink applesauce. Cook the apples with the skins on and strain the sauce to get best pink color.


The smell of fresh apple crisp wafting through the house is a sure sign of the Fall. Jonagolds make excellent baked goodies. Jonagold is another success story from the NYS Experiment station in Geneva, NY. It's a cross between mellow Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan.
Tastes: Honey sweet with a hint of tartness, juicy, crisp, creamy yellow flesh
Special Hint:Jonagolds make great fried apples, Simply saute in a little butter and add a little cinnamon. No sugar is needed!!
Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, and baking Good for pies and freezing


Nothing evokes fall better than the aromatic fragrance of McIntosh apples. People have enjoyed this apple since 1811 when John McIntosh discovered the first seedling. McIntosh apples grow particularly well in New York's cool climate.
Tastes:Sweet with a tart tang, very juicy, tender, white flesh
Special Hint:McIntosh's tender flesh cooks down quickly. Add a thickener if making a pie.
Excellent for eating and sauce. Good for salads and pies.

Mutsu (Crispin)

Bite into a Crispin for a great crunch and mouthful of sweet juice. It's one of the most satisfying snacks around! The original name for this exceptional apple was Mutsu, reflecting its Japanese Heritage. It was renamed Crispin in the 1960s and has been gaining fans since.
Tastes:Sweet yet very refreshing, very juicy, super crisp
Special Hint:Try Crispins for roasting whole apples or thick slices - a wonderful accompaniment for your favorite roast.
Excellent for eating, sauce, baking and freezing Good for salads and pies

Red Delicious

These popular mildly sweet apples are grown across the country but our Red Delicious have the slight tartness so characteristic of apples from New York. Give our Red Delicious a try!!
Tastes: Sweet, very juicy, crisp, yellow flesh
Special Hint:Red Delicious look great for a long time so they are the favored choice for holiday centerpieces and wreaths.
Excellent for eating and salad


Perfect fried apple slices sitting next to a pork chop are probably Romes. These superb cooking apples retain their shape beautifully as well as their tart flavor. This old time variety originated in Ohio in 1816 but is widely grown in New York State.
Tastes:Mildly tart, firm, greenish white flesh.
Special Hint:Combine Romes with a sweet apple such as Golden Delicious for a tasty applesauce.
Excellent for sauce, baking, and pies Good for salad and freezing


Tastes:Mild sweet flavor, Juicy, Crisp, creamy yellow flesh
Special Hint:Galas' size, mellow flavor and thin skin make them a perfect choice for kids
Excellent for eating and salads


Excellent Eating, salad, sauce, baking, pie